The Philosophy

Eloma products are distinguished above all by their focus on:

  • Ensuring Quality & Efficiency
  • Maximising Cooking & Baking Performance
  • Providing Compact and Innovative solutions
  • User focused Operation & Functionality

Eloma Company Milestones….

Since Eloma’s creation in 1975 it’s been a pioneer in the development of precision cooking and baking ovens. From the introduction of their direct fresh steam system in 1989 right up to the latest generation of Joker ovens – the most compact, fully functional, full 1/1GN combination ovens on the market.

An Eye on the Environment…

Fresh Steam System – Eloma’s own live steam system generates steam directly in the cooking chamber, right when and just as much as is needed, ready to go whenever you want. The immediate change of operating modes is possible at any time, with perfect steam saturation guaranteed. Saving time, energy and water. With lowest maintenance requirements.

Multi-Eco-System – A maintenance free, high-efficiency heat exchanger allows energy savings up to 16% and water savings up to 42% compared to conventional systems. Eloma are the only combi-steamer manufacturer to date to have been awarded the Dr.-Georg-Triebe Innovation Prize in the category “Ecology and Efficiency“ for our Multi-Eco-System.

The new JOKER

Joker is Eloma’s latest range of compact combination ovens. They’ve been specifically designed to answer some of the key questions asked by modern kitchens… namely how much productivity can I get from the smallest footprint and do I need traditional extraction systems?

Joker ovens offer all of the functionality of larger, traditional combination ovens; steaming, roasting, combi-cooking, program cooking, slow cooking and self-cleaning but in a footprint of only 520 mm wide by 805 mm deep for a full GN1/1 oven.

If you add the new KH Pro hood to the oven it turns it into a complete ‘ventless’ solution which doesn’t require additional extraction systems.

Eloma Joker Ovens

Multimax – the essence of combination cooking

Multimax is the combination oven for the chef who doesn’t want all the extras…. it’s the essence of cooking. The simple control interface allows the chef to dial in the cooking parameters which they want and get cooking quickly, in the shortest number of steps possible. Great for ‘a la carte’ kitchens where the menu is continually changing and on-the-fly cooking is the norm.

Multimax ovens offer program cooking for consistent results on standardised products as well as manual cooking. Direct steam injection provides powerful steaming performance and the Autoclean Pro system makes cleaning easy and automated.

Eloma Multimax ovens

Backmaster – the Master Baker

Eloma’s Backmaster oven is designed with all the baking performance of a large traditional bake off oven but in a small footprint.

Available in two sizes for either BN43 or BN64 trays. The Backmaster is ideal for bake off applications in cafes, coffee shops, concessions stands, kiosks, and convenience stores. It can feature a built-in condensation hood making it ideal for applications where extraction is an issue.

Eloma Backmaster

Genius MT – Combination Perfection!

The Genius MT brings together all of Eloma’s knowledge into one powerhouse of a combination oven.

The fully programable MT touchscreen controls can be customised with the functionality the operator needs. Cooking programs and multi-cook profiles can be created to ensure even the lowest skilled operators can produce consistent results. Alternatively, chef’s can create one off cooking cycles quickly with the manual mode.

The Autoclean Pro system ensures the highest levels of cleanliness are maintained and automatic cleaning can be programmed to function during ‘out of hours’ periods.

Eloma Genius MT Combination Ovens