Scotsman Ice Dispensers

The Scotsman DXG 35 is designed to hygienically dispense Gourmet Supercube ice quickly and easily. The simple to use push button operation is allows anyone to use the machine without special instruction.

The slim vertical design makes it ideal for installation in space-limited areas making it idea for hotel serveries and elevator lobbies.

Scotsman DXG35 dispensing ice

Features of the Scotsman DXG 35 include

• Produces individual Gourmet crystal clear supercubes.
• Push-button dispensing system: cubes drop directly into the consumer’s glass, container or ice bucket, with no manipulation.
• Resistant stainless steel exterior.
• Simple and reliable electro-mechanic controls.
• Front access condenser air filter, removable and washable.
• Water system protected by patented anti-scale system.

Scotsman Gourmet Supercube Ice

The Supercube is the most popular type of ice cube – ideal for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Made in the famous Scotsman thimble shape, they are available in four different sizes.

Their clarity makes them the perfect choice for drinks presentation whilst their purity ensures that they are slow melt. Their unique shape means that these cubes are less prone to sticking together in the ice bucket as well as being easier to handle than the more traditional square cube.

Supercubes are made by spraying water upwards into an inverted mould. Inverting the mould means that any sediment or impurities in the water fall back down, leaving only pure water to form the cube making these cubes very hard.

Scotsman Supercube