Eloma Backmaster EB30 MT XL

Countertop bake off oven for baking fresh or frozen dough products. Available with optional condensation hood.
Ideal for cafes, convenience stores, delis and farm shops.

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Countertop bake off oven for baking fresh or frozen dough products. Available with optional condensation hood.
Ideal for cafes, convenience stores, delis and farm shops.

Specification Overview

Eloma Backmaster EB30 MT XL
Eloma Backmaster EB30 MT XL WT (water tank version)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

760 x 685 x 530 mm
760 x 685 x 680 mm (with optional hood)

Tray configuration

3 x BN64

Door opening

Left or right


400v / 50hz / 3ph – 16amp

Optional extras

Condensation hood
Support stands (with/without tray supports)

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Easy, Compact, Backmaster!

Exceptionally even baking results with highest user-friendliness. The new BACKMASTER combines Eloma’s baking expertise with the forward-thinking, user-friendly MT-Technology – excellent baking results are guaranteed.

Processes become safer, workflows can be standardized and the BACKMASTER remains the ideal partner for supermarkets, coffee shops, kiosks, convenience stores, Bed & Breakfast hotels or petrol stations.

Eloma Backmaster

Standard Backmaster Configuration

• ASC Mode
• Baking mode
• Climatic® MT
• Last® 20
• Multi Baking (with baking time compensation)
• MultiTouch-Display
• Quick Mode baking
• Quick Set
• 400 program spaces/20 steps each
• Active dehumidification
• Automatic DST (Daylight Saving Time)
• Automatic resting time in accordance to humidity setting
• Automatic door release following the baking program end
• Automated maintenance instructions
• Control panel with MultiTouch-display
• Manual steaming

• Pre-set of steam injection (in 10 ml steps)
• Input alphanumeric
• Favourites marking and filtering
• Favourites list
• Compensation of baking time
• HACCP data logging and display
• Half loading function
• Instruction: clean air filter
• Individualisation of operating concept with password manager
• Fan wheel auto-reverse
• Fan wheel pulsed
• Repeat Mode
• Steam injection adjustable in millilitres or seconds
• Door seal, pluggable, for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Steptronic
• Temperature setting: 30°C – 250°C
• Timer function: Entry of starting and ending time
• Interface USB
• Weekly programming for baking

MT Touchscreen Controls

• Programable with specific cusomisable cooking parameters. Profiles can be saved with text names or images
• Multiple menu items can be baked at the same time
• Manual mode allows operators to create unique one off baking cycles quickly and easily
• Automatic cycles can be programmed with delayed start or end times
• Favorites list to access frequently used settings
• Step by step cleaning instructions

Backmaster MT Controls

Backmaster Features

Automatic Door Release – the door of the Backmaster opens automatically at the end of the baking cycle to prevent over cooking.

Great Baking Results – After humidification in millilitres or seconds, the Backmaster adds the resting time automatically, creating uniquely even baking results.

With a View – the large viewing window and the ideal lighting provide insights for the user and stimulate the appetite of the customers.

Full Control – prolong the baking program during or after the cycle. No re-entry of the baking parameters is necessary.

Backmaster EB30 XL

No water connections? No Problem!

If you’ve got limited utilities, the Backmaster EB30 can be ordered with a built-in water tank to supply water to the oven to ensure perfect baking results regardless of the ovens location.

The perfect solution for mobile operators, pop up kitchens or satellite serveries.

Eloma Backmaster water tank

Additional options

Support stands – Eloma Backmaster ovens can be ordered with an optional support stand which can come with or without tray support racks.

Stackable – Backmaster ovens can be stacked two high to maximise productivity in the smallest foot print.

Condensation hood – ovens can be factory fitted with a condensation hood to trap excess moisture, allowing the oven to be located away from traditional extraction hoods.

Eloma Backmaster Options

Eloma Oven Accessories

A wide range of Eloma trays and accessories, including replacement water filters, can be ordered with your Backmaster oven, alternatively they can be purchased online from our ecommerce store HTG Extras.

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