Pratica FIT Express (13amp)

Compact rapid cook oven single magnetron for easy installation, 13amp single phase.
Ideal for Cafes, Coffee Shops, Convenience Stores, Delis and more...

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Compact rapid cook oven single magnetron for easy installation, 13amp single phase.
Ideal for Cafes, Coffee Shops, Convenience Stores, Delis and more...

Specification Overview

Pratica FIT Express (Single Mag)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

386 x 693 x 619 mm

Chamber dimensions (W x D x H)

315 x 341 x 170 mm

Unit weight

67 Kg


Touchscreen with 1024 settings


Firmware & menu setting updates by USB or Wifi via Pratica IOK system


13 amp Single Phase

Kilowatt rating

3.0 kW

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It FITS Anywhere!

FIT Express was developed to deliver the best results using the least amount of time and counter space.

Bigger cavity, smaller footprint. FIT has the largest cooking chamber in its category while occupying the least counter space. Its design eliminates the need for dual sided ventilation, allowing zero side clearance. The single magnetron, 13amp version can be plugged into a standard 13amp wall socket (depending on the total load on the circuit) meaning the Pratica FIT can be installed almost anywhere!

The FIT Express has a 5-inch touchscreen control panel and is capable of cooking programmed recipes in just two touches. Cooking chamber capacity, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB compatibility, and recipe
management are important features of the new FIT Express.

Pratica FIT Express

The FIT Express speed oven is designed to finishing fresh or chilled foods, with excellent taste, visual and crispness results. The impinged air convection technology combined with microwave enables cooking food up to ten times faster than traditional processes.

Standard features of the FIT Express include:

• Up to 1024 recipes, with 8 steps each, divided by 16 groups
• USB port to upload/download recipes
• Adjustable temperature from 30°C to 280°C
• Friendly user interface;
• Independent control of air speed, temperature and microwave
• Constructed from AISI430 (exterior) and AISI304 (interior)
• Daily cleaning guide, explanatory videos that demonstrate the process step by step

Pratica FIT

The Technology…

1. Magnetrons generate energy with microwaves, which evenly heat the water molecules in the food
2. Internal heating resistors transfer thermal energy to the circulating air
3. The antenna distributes the microwaves evenly
4. The impinged air is directed at the food
5. The Catalytic Converter transforms volatile organic compounds into Carbon Dioxide and Water (CO2 and H2O)
6. The ventilation motor circulates the air at high speed

The Catalytic convertor system makes the FIT a ‘ventless’ oven, allowing it to be installed without the need for conventional extraction hoods.

Pratica Rapid Cook Technology

IOK – Internet of Kitchen…

IOK is a platform that allows you to stay connected to your Prática high-speed ovens via Wi-Fi. You can access your ovens from any location and conveniently manage your operation.

Manage your recipe menus from anywhere – Create, edit, remove and distribute groups and recipes from your computer, mobile or tablet to all compatible ovens. Great for multi-site operators.

Customise the recipe display image  – Illustrate with real photos of your products.

Receive software updates – System improvements always available to download for free.

Pratica IOK

Heat & Toast FASTER!

Typical cook times for menu items in the Pratica FIT…

  • Buffalo Chicken wings – 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • 9″ Frozen Pizza – 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Cheese & Ham Panini – 60 seconds
  • Hot Nachos – 30 seconds
  • Loaded Spicy Wedges – 3 minutes 
Pratica Cook Times

Rapid Cook Oven Accessories

To keep your Pratica rapid cook oven in good condition you should only use approved non-caustic cleaners and clean your oven on a daily basis.

HTG Extras rapid cook oven guard and oven cleaner is approved for use in all types of rapid cook oven

HTG Extras Teflon cooking trays are made from high strength Teflon sheeting and are reinforced with a stainless steel support ring which reduces flexing making them far easier to remove from the oven.

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Rapid Cook Oven Accessories

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