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Ice is a major part of food manufacturing. It’s an important ingredient so it needs to be treated that way…

Ice is often overlooked as a food ingredient but having the right type of ice, and that ice being good quality, can make all the difference. Whether you’re making dough products and need flake ice to retard the process during the mixing phase. Processing fresh vegetables and salads and need to keep them cool and crisp during the cleaning process. Or if you’re a fishmonger who needs to pack or display fresh fish and seafood.

Bad ice will affect your products. Make sure you’re using good quality ice!

Flake Ice

Flake ice is perfect for displaying fresh produce, as well as packing delicate items like watercress or broccoli. The “warmer” nature of flake ice prevents freezer burn, helping to maximise product quality and shelf life. This is particularly important for products like fresh fish, where the ice comes into direct contact with it. Flake ice is useful in a wide variety of situations, including cooling dough and pastry in bakeries, as well as ice water baths for washing delicate salad, fruit and vegetables in food production plants.

Scotsman Flake Ice

Scale Ice

Scale ice is dense and dry. As it is formed, it is compressed to remove any residual water. This gives it a low temperature and slow melting time, which makes it perfect for preserving more resilient fresh produce during transportation and distribution.

Scale ice is Scotsman’s coldest type of ice, and is mainly used for big commercial applications such as storage on fishing vessels. It’s the ideal packing ice for the shellfish industry, as the creatures’ shells protect the delicate internal flesh from the extreme cold while its slow melt rate keeps it fresh for far longer than any other type of ice. Furthermore, it’s possible to make it using both fresh water and saltwater.

Scotsman Scale Ice

3M™ Water Filtration Products

Ice is 100% water. You want to keep it that way!

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