Flake Ice is the most natural shape. Extruded at a temperature just below zero degrees. Scotsman flaked ice suits a variety of applications including fisheries, laboratories and industry.

Flake Ice offers the best solution for maintaining refrigerated perishables where long-lasting freshness and natural appearance need to be guaranteed. Scotsman Flake Ice machines offer the widest range of production capacities available.

Scotsman Flake Ice

The ideal ice for Food Processors & Manufacturers

Flaked ice is the perfect product for displaying fresh produce for sale or to pack delicate items like broccoli or watercress. The ‘warmer’ nature of flake ice prevents freezer burn maximising product quality and shelf life. Especially with products like fresh fish fillets where the ice comes into direct contact with the flesh.

Other uses for flake ice include keeping dough and pastry cool in bakeries, ice water baths for washing delicate fresh salad, fruits and vegetables in food production plants.

Flake Ice for Fishmongers

Perfect for Medical & Laboratory use

Compared to larger, more uniform styles of ice, flake ice offers a large contact area providing rapid cooling for laboratory work and medical applications.

The soft texture makes it perfect for rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments such as ice baths and cooling packs as the ices smooth texture will not damage sensitive skin or delicate areas.

Flaked ice for medical

Scotsman XSafe

XSafe is a totally natural sanitation system which is fully integrated inside the ice machine. It operates automatically 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep your ice making equipment clean and safe.

The system destroys over 99% of known viruses and bacteria (including corona-viruses), and substantially reduces the formation of mould, mildew, yeast and slime within the machine preventing unpleasant odours from occurring.

Scotsman XSafe