The Tough One…

Scotsman Scale Ice machines manufacture ice in a range of thicknesses, from 1.2mm as preferred by the food processing industry to 2.2mm as demanded by the fishing industry. Scale Ice is produced in heavy duty cylindrical evaporators designed for the most rugged applications.

Scale ice is the coldest form of ice with a residual water content of only 2% making it the ideal ice for fresh produce transportation.

Scotsman Scale Ice

Scotsman MAR – Compact

The compact versions of the MAR scale ice machines have on-board refrigeration systems making them easier to install. The adjustable cylindrical freezing evaporators allow the MAR scale ice machines to be calibrated to produce scale ice flakes in a size ideal for the application in which the unit has been installed.

Features of the MAR Series Include:

  • Stainless steel horizontal evaporating drum: for life-long working endurance.
  • Floor standing compatible: delivers ice straight into carts, trolleys or ice boxes (compact version only).
  • Plug-and-work technology: starts off and constantly produces ice thanks to a no-cycle harvesting system (compact version only).
  • All water in / all ice out concept (no cycles, zero water wastage): limits to almost zero excess energy, water and time wastage.
Scotsman MAR machines

Scale ice is mainly used by the fishing industry. It’s the best type of ice for the storage and preservation of fresh produce. Scale ice makers can produce ice using both fresh and salt water which makes them ideal for use on fishing trawlers, in fish markets and in food processing facilities,

Scotsman Scale Ice

Scotsman MAR – SPLIT

‘SPLIT’ models operate with remote condensing refrigeration systems, either dedicated or centralised which require specialist installation. These systems reduce environmental issues as excess heat produced during ice production is released outside of the building and not back into the working environment making them perfect for temperature sensitive manufacturing.

Selected models in the MAR Series are part of the Scotsman EcoX range of environmentally friendly ice making machines.

Scotsman MAR Split