Friulinox runs hot and cold to bring you the perfect multifunctional storage solution

24th of August 2023
Friulinox CS22 Combi Station

The new Combi Station from Friulinox offers refrigerated and heated storage in one unit.

Hubbard Systems is now supplying the new mobile Combi Station finishing and service terminal from Friulinox. The Combi Station is a versatile multifunctional unit that combines refrigerated and heated portable storage and is ideally suited for a range of catering and hospitality functions.

Friulinox CS22 Combi Station

The Combi Station features two refrigerated and two heated drawers, which can be configured with internal dividers to provide simple and safe storage of a range of different products. The top of the cabinet can be used as a work surface to prepare fresh ingredients, and these finished or semi-finished meals can be stored in the heated drawers until required. The worktop then allows staff to serve food directly from it, making it ideal for canteen or buffet service.

The Combi Station can operate from a standard 13 amp supply, and is mounted on wheels allowing it to be easily transported where required. This makes it ideal for outdoors and remote catering, as it can be set up almost anywhere. Furthermore it can be combined with a high speed oven to create a fully self-contained cooking station.

The refrigerated drawers can operate within a temperature range of -2°C to 8°C, while the heated drawers can be set between 30°C and 85°C. Control is via a simple pushbutton interface, and internal temperatures are always visible thanks to the bright LCD panels. The Combi Station includes powerful internal ventilation and humidity management guaranteeing both cool and hot food is stored in perfect condition until it is required.

Its dimensions of 1500mm wide, 700mm deep and 852mm high allow it to fit beneath a standard worktop for storage. The rear panel is customisable with a design or logo, creating a unified look for the site.

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