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Ice machines are an essential piece of kit in basically every hospitality and catering business around the world. Whether it’s a supercube machine in the bar for the perfect G&T, an ice dispenser for room service, a high volume dice ice machine for rapidly cooling foodstuff in the kitchen or a flake ice machine to create the perfect ice presentation in buffets, the right ice machine is indispensable and ensuring you have the right machines is vital.

Our back-of-house equipment from Friulinox can make all the difference to the efficency of your kitchen. Our blast freezers can preserve quality and elongate shelf-life. Our refrigerators have a unique HACCP system to log products to maintain first-in-first-out protocols. And out meat agers will take your steaks to the next level!

The Perfect Ice for Premium Drinks

Scotsman’s gourmet supercube is the perfect pairing for premium drinks, with its visually striking clarity and slow melt rate making it ideal for chilling high end drinks. It’s available in four sizes, allowing you to create your perfect serve.

The slow melt rate ensures that drinks get to customers as they were intended without unwanted dilution. The iconic thimble shape is great for use in cocktail shakers. There are no corners to break off during the shake which means cocktails don’t become too diluted. This creates a far superior finished product which will keep customers coming back…

Scotsman Gourmet Supercube

Ice Mixology

Using the correct type of ice can make a good drink into a great drink. Ice makes up 50-60% of your finished drink, it’s an important ingredient, you need to treat it that way!

Scotsman has created a guide to ice and it’s importance in mixology.

Friulinox Back of House Solutions

Blast Freezers – the Compact and Ready units preserve the quality and maximises the shelf-life of prepared menu items. The precise temperature controls ensure that products are cooled quickly and safely inline with food hygiene regulations

Multifunction – the Submarine range take blast freezing to the next level. The units can blast chill, prove, thaw, slow cook, hot hold and refrigerate. Programs can be linked to create complete processes which saves time.

HACCP Refrigeration – the Vanilla range of upright refrigerators have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which allows the operator to log products placed in the cabinet with a batch code and use by date. Alerts can be set up to make sure items are used before they spoil, preventing avoidable wastage.

Meat Aging – the Aroma series of temperature and humidity controlled displays are designed to attractively present and safely store dry aged meats, charcuterie and cheeses. Ideal for high-end restaurants.

Eloma Combination Ovens

Joker MT + KH Pro – The new Joker combination oven, when fitted with the KH Pro smoke hood, creates a compact power house of of a combination oven. The KH Pro hood traps all of the moisture, smoke and odours, removing it from the air before releasing it back into the working environment. This combination is the only fully functional combi-oven on the market!

Eloma Multimax – The essence of combination cooking… The Multimax ovens are available in four sizes. Two countertop versions with either 7 or 11 1/1GN tray capacities, or two floor standing versions which can accommodate 20 x 1/1GN or 20 x 2/1GN trays. Multimax combination ovens have simple intuitive controls for quick adjustment and fast on-the-fly cooking.

GeniusMT – The cutting edge of combination cooking. GeniusMT ovens have the latest programable touchscreen interface which can be programmed for specific menu items and multi-stage cooking.

All Eloma combination ovens feature the Autoclean Pro system which automatically cleans the oven using either liquid or tablet cleaners. Specific models can be programmed to clean automatically at a pre-determined time.

Ice Dispensers

The Scotsman DXG35 dispenses medium gourmet supercube ice directly into ice buckets. It’s slim design makes it ideal for installation in guest areas for self-service applications or butlers pantries for room service use. Ice is dispensed by pressing a button and doesn’t require any handling which improves hygiene with less handling.

Do you have a self-service restaurant? Then the DXN ice and water dispenser could be perfect for you. The self-contained unit dispenses nugget ice and filtered water directly into the serving glass either at the touch of a button or automatically when a glass is placed beneath the spout.


Scotsman DXG35 Dispenser

Dice, the Versatile Ice

Dice and half dice cubes are extremely versatile, and the speed they can be produced relative to the machine footprint makes dice ice machine a great option for space limited operators.

Dice ice has all kinds of uses. They’re ideal for drink chilling, food preparation and chilling ice buckets.

The large contact area gives it a rapid chilling effect, and it’s soft enough to be blended, making it the preferred choice for making smoothies and many other blended drinks. Its relative softness reduces wear and tear on your blender, while speeding up production.


3M™ Water Filtration Products

Ice is 100% water. You want to keep it that way!

Keep your ice machine and cash register humming with water filtration you can count on. Scale build-up and sediment particles put your ice machine at risk for breakdowns, increased maintenance and
inefficient operation—and could cause profits and customer experiences to suffer. Consistently give your customers clean, clear, great-tasting ice with 3M™ Foodservice Water Filtration.

3M Water Filtration Products