Ice is an important ingredient. You need to treat it that way!

Ice is an often overlooked aspect of a cafe or coffee shop business. Ice is just ice right?

As the tastes and trends evolve, ice has become an important ingredient in a wide range of iced and chilled drinks found in cafes and coffee shops. These range from cold extracted/brewed coffee, to iced coolers and blended smoothies and frappes.

Coffee Inspirations

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, Scotsman Ice’s brand ambassador, has created Coffee Inspirations. A guide to making cold brew coffee using Scotsman ice and a series of cocktail recipes which use cold brew coffee as an ingredient.

Coffee Inspirations

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold extracted coffee is becoming a popular addition to a lot of coffee shop menus. It can be prepared in a number of different ways but the cold tower or Chemex methods are two of the most popular as they add a little theatre.

Gourmet Supercube ice is ideal for cold extraction. The ice melts slowly providing enough cold water to slowly drip through the coffee, extracting all of the desired flavours. Supercube ice is very pure. With good water filtration, it has no taste of chlorine or scale which ensures the finished extraction has all the right flavours and no undesirable ones.

Cold brew coffee tower

Iced Espresso

Do you use a premium coffee to make your espresso?

Why don’t you turn your famous espresso into something cool and refreshing… Gourmet Supercube ice is very hard and has a slow melt rate. These properties make it ideal for rapidly cooling hot espresso without diluting it. Simply adding the right ice to your business will allow you to expand your drinks menu without creating any additional work.

Iced espresso

Hot sandwich & snacks

An important part of any coffee shop is their food offering, especially hot foods like toasties, paninis, wraps and pastries.

The Pratica FIT Express rapid cook oven is the ideal tool for any coffee shops. It’s ventless design allows it to be installed on a back counter and can be used by the front of house team to quickly heat and toast a wide range of menu items.

The FIT Express can be pre-programmed with specific menu settings so any operator can heat products quickly and easily with just the touch of a button.

Pratica FIT Express

Pastries baked to perfection….

The Eloma Backmaster is the perfect oven for baking of pastries in store.

The Backmaster can be fitted with a condensation hood which allows it to be positioned on a back counter, away from conventional extraction hoods. The oven is programable which means the cook results are consistent regardless of the operator on duty.

Eloma Backmaster

Blended Smoothies & Frappes

Coffee frappes, fruit smoothies, milkshakes and iced coolers. Dice ice is a great ‘universal ice’. It can be produced quickly in a relatively small food print which makes it ideal for small coffee shops.

Dice ice is softer in texture compared to supercubes. As a result it can be blended into drinks quickly and easily producing a smooth, even drink without putting excessive stress on your blender.

Fridges & Freezers

Every foodservice business needs reliable refrigeration.

The Fruilinox POP range of 700L upright fridges and freezers come in three optional colours; red, black or stainless steel. Providing an aesthetically pleasing alternative to regular commercial fridges, especially for front of house applications.

Why don’t you make your business POP!


Friulinox POP

3M™ Water Filtration Products

Ice is 100% water. You want to keep it that way!

Keep your ice machine and cash register humming with water filtration you can count on. Scale build-up and sediment particles put your ice machine at risk for breakdowns, increased maintenance and
inefficient operation—and could cause profits and customer experiences to suffer. Consistently give your customers clean, clear, great-tasting ice with 3M™ Foodservice Water Filtration.

3M Water Filtration Products